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About Us

Our Story

We, as a System Integrator, specialize in :

  • Design in Controls Instrumentation

  • Control & Electrical Installation

  • PLC Programming & SCADA integration

  • Networking for Complex Systems

We offer total industrial automation of facilities and process control systems (i.e. FMCS/BMS/PCS) to industries such as:

  • Semi-Conductors

  • Healthcare

  • Food & Nutrition

  • Waste & Water Treatment

  • Chemical

Together with Chong Sheng (M&E) Pte Ltd, a share holding company, we provide a reliable and excellent all-in-one service as a solution for total automation.

Through our R&D and I.T. department, we develop:

  • Bespoke software solution

  • Tecnology know-how

  • Value-added engineering

that result in enhanced efficiency and flawless project completion.

Knock Out Punch

Our Strengths

  1. Capable of implementing:

    • Total Control systems for both hardware and software with:

      • P&I Diagram

      • Functional Design Specification

      • Sequence Of Operations

      • Gamp Specification

    • Process & Inbatch Control Systems in the Food Industry

    • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Implementation:

      • E.g. Chiller Optimization​

  2. Instrument selection for HVAC & Process Systems

  3. Fast Track Installation with Quality Finishes

  4. Proactive, Flexible & Open-minded to improve design & installation with best intentions for clients.

  5. Good Engineering Practices & Documentation in O&M Manual


Corporate Goals

By pursuing the corporate goals of profitable growth and continuous improvement of our employees, the company business will:

  • Achieve top performance by attaining a strong competitive position in the market.

  • Ensure  that the results delivered are up to world class standards.

  • Exceed customer's expectations of quality and value.

  • To be able to  adapt to the changing environment  and  continue to differentiate ourselves.

  • To stay focused in whatever we do at all times. 

Our Vision

To be the industry's Leading System Integrator Service Provider

Our Mission Statement

We want to create a Whole New "Green" experience and provide the convenience for users through our integrations as a one-stop service.

Our Public Responsibility

We believe in creating a "Greener" world.

Our Philosopy

To bring convenience and professionalism to your door steps. Quality policy (REF: ISO 9001:2008) "Doing Right the First Time and Every Time." We are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of our products, services and business processes so as to maintain consistently high quality products and services that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.

Environment, Health & Safety Policy

Every employee is to adhere to our companys EHS policy. In our policy, both employee and employer act proactively and positively to prevent personal injury, property damages, protect environment towards workplace and clients workplace.

We aim to achieve and maintain all WSH regulatory requirements and implementing further ways to achieve greater protection both for the environment and health and safety within both workplace and clients premises.

Macro protects the environmental by recycling or reuse wherever possible and we expect our team to implement measures to properly dispose of any remaining wastes in a safe and environmentally sound manner. 

Daily safety meeting is conducted to ensure proper and good procedure of working method at job site.

We will set and continuously review our EHS objective and targets base on activities; products; services; customer requirements as well as legal and other requirements to which the company subscribes. 
We strive to entrench these values of environmental health and safety good practice within Macro culture and reinforced this culture daily. 

We will continuously review, update and communicate the EHS policies and practices to all our employees and other interested parties to bring about a continual improvement in environmental, workplace safety and health performance. 

Our fulfillments of this policy are:

  • To ensure all employees to fully involve in EHS requirement by WHS regulatory requirements and clients EHS requirements.

  • To ensure that no job starts without verification that all essential safety systems are in place.

  • To strongly set out that unsafe work practices and unacceptable.

  • To continually evaluate and improve occupational health, safety and environmental procedures.

  • To require all employees actively participate in the development and execution of occupational health, safety and environmental programs.

  • To train all employees to conserve resources, minimize wastes and to work conscientiously with respect to environmental protection.

All management and staff are responsible and desired to provide a safe workplace, safe equipment and to establish safe and environmentally sound practices at all times. We emphasize that working safely is a team effort and every employee should ensure that they and their fellow workers are conducting safe operations. 

Each employee has the authority and the obligation to stop operations to prevent accidents of every nature. We must all accept our responsibility to eliminate accidents, occupational illness and pollution in the workplaces.

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